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    Social Inclusion

  • Training of Facilitators (TOF)

    What is Training of Facilitators (TOF) for Social Inclusion Workshops?

    This training equips professionals with the fundamental skills to facilitate workshops that drive social inclusion in workplaces and mainstream society.


    Attitude is the first and often the biggest barrier in social inclusion. Experience shows that participatory, facilitated sessions for groups of up to 20 people provide the best conditions for achieving long-lasting attitudinal change, and for building the basic skills and requirements for the successful inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

  • Disability Equality Training (DET)

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    This training of facilitators will use Disability Equality Training (DET) as an example of social inclusion workshop to demonstrate the key elements of the methodology and discuss ways to adapt the methodology to different issues and contexts.


    Facilitated workshops are particularly suitable for decision-makers of all types. DET facilitators in China have successfully applied the methodology in businesses, governments and NGOs, and adapted it for issues including gender equality, unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion in companies, anti-discrimination and social justice.

  • DET feedback

    “DET helped to adjust their [persons with disabilities] approach by raising their confidence to communicate a rights-based approach to stakeholders in a much more cooperative rather than challenging manner. This has led to companies, government agencies etc taking actions such as providing more opportunities for persons with disabilities to work, to get inclusive education, to change the politics/policies etc. They are happy to do this rather than begrudgingly be forced to take action.”

    —— Representative, major disabled persons’ organization in China

    “Every interaction is deeply inspiring... Through questioning and discussing, we learnt how to truly understand the concept of ‘disability’, how to enable persons with disabilities to participate in the society. We know that we need to start from changing ourselves.”

    —— Human Resources Manager, leading international consulting firm in China

    “After joining the TOF, I applied facilitation into my management of the organization I was leading, and redefined my role in my team, redefined myself. The dialogues between team members from different culture backgrounds are more effective, and they made bigger results than I expected.”

    —— Director General, major domestic foundation in China

  • Benefits

    More than a one-time training, under our long-term support, participants can benefit from:

    • Intensive facilitation skills building
    • Deepened understanding of social inclusion and unconscious bias
    • Non-confrontational solutions to interpersonal and intergroup issues
    • Ability to use facilitation in different topics and contexts
    • Alumni network of top social inclusion professionals from  Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, major foundations and NGOs, and the government
    • Practice opportunities for continuous learning and improvement
    • A Certificate of Participation upon completion of the training workshop, and a Certificate of Facilitator upon completion of all stages
    • Opportunities of one-to-one coaching by international and local senior facilitators