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    Application for 2017 Training of Facilitators (TOF) for Social Inclusion Workshops Now Open!

  • What is Training of Facilitators (TOF) for Social Inclusion Workshops?


    This training equips professionals with the fundamental skills to facilitate workshops that drive social inclusion in workplaces and mainstream society.


    Attitude is the first and often the biggest barrier in social inclusion. Experience shows that participatory, facilitated sessions for groups of up to 20 people provide the best conditions for achieving long-lasting attitudinal change, and for building the basic skills and requirements for the successful inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

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    This training of facilitators will use Disability Equality Training (DET) as an example of social inclusion workshop to demonstrate the key elements of the methodology and discuss ways to adapt the methodology to different issues and contexts.


    Facilitated workshops are particularly suitable for decision-makers of all types. DET facilitators in China have successfully applied the methodology in businesses, governments and NGOs, and adapted it for issues including gender equality, unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion in companies, anti-discrimination and social justice.


  • “DET helped to adjust their [persons with disabilities] approach by raising their confidence to communicate a rights-based approach to stakeholders in a much more cooperative rather than challenging manner. This has led to companies, government agencies etc taking actions such as providing more opportunities for persons with disabilities to work, to get inclusive education, to change the politics/policies etc. They are happy to do this rather than begrudgingly be forced to take action.”

    —— Representative, major disabled persons’ organization in China

    “Every interaction is deeply inspiring... Through questioning and discussing, we learnt how to truly understand the concept of ‘disability’, how to enable persons with disabilities to participate in the society. We know that we need to start from changing ourselves.”

    —— Human Resources Manager, leading international consulting firm in China

    “After joining the TOF, I applied facilitation into my management of the organization I was leading, and redefined my role in my team, redefined myself. The dialogues between team members from different culture backgrounds are more effective, and they made bigger results than I expected.”

    —— Director General, major domestic foundation in China

  • More than a one-time training, under our long-term support, participants can benefit from:

    • Intensive facilitation skills building
    • Deepened understanding of social inclusion and unconscious bias
    • Non-confrontational solutions to interpersonal and intergroup issues
    • Ability to use facilitation in different topics and contexts
    • Alumni network of top social inclusion professionals from  Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, major foundations and NGOs, and the government
    • Practice opportunities for continuous learning and improvement
    • A Certificate of Participation upon completion of the training workshop, and a Certificate of Facilitator upon completion of all stages
    • Opportunities of one-to-one coaching by international and local senior facilitators
  • As ILO-trained facilitators, Easy Inclusion members have delivered more than 100 facilitative workshops in China, sensitizing over 2000 key professionals from Fortune 500 companies, UN agencies, government, media and NGOs about social inclusion.


    Easy Inclusion’s facilitative trainings and advisory has resulted in the successful employment of people with disabilities, the establishment of in-house teams working on systems improvements related to disability inclusion, and the development of creative internship opportunities in Fortune 500 companies, the launch of new accessible services for customers with disabilities by major domestic internet tycoon, and the event space renovation for accessibility and inclusivity of major domestic foundation.


    Our corporate clients include:


    Our non-corporate clients include:



  • Full Programme

    October 2017 ~ 2018




    5-day Training of Facilitators Workshop (October 18-22)

    • Day 1: introduction; demonstration of the main elements of DET
    • Day 2: analysis of the main elements of DET; discussion of adaptation of DET and facilitation methods to other social inclusion topics
    • Days 3 and 4: individual practice facilitation and analysis
    • Day 5: workshop planning and flow; application of facilitation methods to other topics; outstanding issues; outline of future process (written assignment, Community of Practice, recognition process); feedback.

    Throughout the programme, Easy Inclusion will provide guidance and share best practices of facilitating social inclusion in China.


    The programme will also include homework and extracurricular activities with leading inclusion organizations and professionals.


    Participants who have completed the five-day workshop will receive a Certificate of Participation to recognize his/her participation in the five-day workshop.


    *Only participants who have successfully completed all stages of the full programme will be certified as a Facilitator.





    Detailed Training Design and Written Proposal (November 2017)

    During the programme the trainers will observe the participants and assess the level of potential that each participant shows. As well as the practice session on Days 3 and 4, this relates to the level of understanding each participant displays, how they interact with others, how they give feedback, how they join in the activities and many other aspects.


    At the end of the workshop, participants can say if they would like to be considered for proceeding to the next stage. Some people may decide that facilitation of DET is not for them.


    Within a week after the workshop, those who have indicated that they would like to proceed will receive an e-mail which:

    • gives feedback from the TOF workshop
    • says whether or not the recipient can proceed to the next stage. 

    Candidates who are selected to continue to the next stage are asked to submit a 1000-1500 word essay on a specific topic related to the practice of facilitation. The essay has to be submitted within four weeks.




    Delivery Guidance (December 2017)

    Candidates who reach the required standard in both the TOF programme and the essay will move on to Stage 3, where they will receive

    • a detailed guidance manual that is ONLY available to Easy Inclusion trained social inclusion facilitators
    • and an online orientation session with senior facilitators from Easy Inclusion and the Facilitators' Community of Practice.

    The facilitators' Community of Practice (COP) is an alumni group of DET and inclusion facilitators in China, which supports certified facilitators with resources and opportunities for continuous growth. The community includes professionals from Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, major foundations, NGOs, and the government.




    Observation and Practice (December 2017 onwards)

    Candidates who wishes to be accepted into the Community of Practice should fulfill:

    • Observe at least 2 workshops in China and submit reports
    • Deliver facilitation at no fewer than 4 workshops in China and submit reports 

    Candidates will be assessed based on reports submitted and their performance during the practice sessions.


    During the practice sessions, candidates will be led by senior co-facilitators from Easy Inclusion and receive structured coaching and feedback for further improvement.




    Certification and Joining Community of Practice (2018)

    Candidates who have completed all the stages above and successfully passed assessments will receive:

    • a 50% refund of the tuition fee paid by the participant
    • a Certificate of Facilitator, and 
    • an invitation to join the social inclusion facilitators’ Community of Practice (COP)
  • Logistics

    Dates and Time:

    October 18-22, 2017, 9:30 - 17:00



    Beijing, China

    * Successful applicants will be informed about the venue details before the training.




    Application Process

    Facilitated workshops are particularly suitable for decision-makers of all types. We welcome professionals and leaders from the following sectors (including but not limited to):

    • companies
    • government
    • international organizations
    • NGOs
    • media

    working on promoting social inclusion and equality of the following groups (including but not limited to):

    • persons with disabilities
    • women
    • LGBTI persons
    • elderly persons
    • intercultural groups, and 
    • inter-generational groups


    Applicants must have a good level of proficiency in understanding, speaking and writing in English. We regret that at present it is not possible to offer this programme to sign-language users.


    10-12 participants will be selected through a competitive process. Applicants must complete an application form, and submit it with an English CV and proof of English proficiency by the due date. Applications are assessed, and successful applicants are informed by e-mail.


    Applicants are assessed based on the following criteria:

    • understanding of the methodology of facilitation
    • understanding of issues related to social inclusion
    • potential to become an effective facilitator in social inclusion
    • level of commitment to disability and social inclusion in respective fields
    • availability and willingness to convey DET and other facilitation workshops after the TOF in China
    • Potential to facilitate cross-sectorial cooperation between business and social inclusion in China

    Refund Policy

    1. If we receive fewer than 10 paid applications, we will provide full refund to paid participants and postpone the training.


    2. If the participant has completed all required stages, he/she will receive a 50% refund of the tuition fee paid. (refer to Full Programme - Stage 5).

  • Deadlines


    15 September

    Early bird submission of application


    18 September

    Notification of early bird selection results


    22 September

    Early bird payment


    29 September

    Final date for submission of application


    6 October

    Final date for payment


    18-22 October

    TOF workshop in Beijing

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